Meraki Coffee Roasters El Salvador La Esperanza Roast Whole Beans - 250 gm bag

MVR 250.00

Notes: Jasime, nectarine white grape


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Finca La Esperanza, where this lot was grown, belonged originally to Mrs. Sonia Moran. She inherited the farm from her parents when she was very young, but over the years, as she grew older, she realized that she had neither the capacity nor the interest to continue farming coffee. She decided to sell the farm, but she was emotionally attached, as she had grown up there. The farm, which is high in the hills, protected from wind and hard weather, and rich volcanic soil, the farm had long been sought after by many buyers. She needed to make the right decision and find the right buyer for her home.

In July 2010 Mrs. Sonia Moran met Alfredo Pacas Diaz and his son, Juan Alfredo Pacas Martinez. They had a long talk about coffee farming, farm management, varietals, quality, etc. Alfredo expressed his interest in buying the farm, and to his surprise, Sonia agreed, having so enjoyed their conversation. She realized that the Pacas family shared her views on farming and on the future of coffee, and that helped her make up her mind. The business was finalised on November 12, 2010. A new adventure for the Pacas Family had begun.

Today, under the management of the Pacas family, Finca La Esperanza has been divided into 18 different tablones (lots) each of which has different characteristics and microclimates. The very highest one on the farm is called “La Cima” (The Top) and is mostly planted under Bourbon coffee trees.


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General Info

Farm: Finca La Esperanza (Pacas)

Varietal: 100% Pacamara

Processing: Fully washed

Altitude: 1,400 metres above sea level

Owner: Maria Pacas & Family

Town / City: Chalchuapa

Region: Canton el Porvenir, Municipio de Chalchuapa

Meraki Coffee Roasters El Salvador La Esperanza Roast Whole Beans - 250 gm bag is sold by in Maldives only.

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